The Story Hook:
Receiving word that Haldin Oathbearer, a dwarf of the Dun Morogh lies ill with an ailment that resembles that which afflicted Mistress Niviel, the Kaldorei of the Silvereye seek the truth of these rumours. Is this some new warlock malady that will soon aflict the whole of Azeroth, or some new plot of the Scourge? Or is it something entirely worse?

Regardless of the cause, the Silvereye cannot stand idly...

I. Make contact with the Dwarves
Notoriously suspicious of outsiders, and doubly so of the Kaldorei, the Dwarves must be convinced to cooperate.

II. Discover the truth of the malady
If the malady afflicting the dwarf is other than that which struck down Niviel, it most likely originates in the lands of the Scourge. Brave Kaldorei warriors must venture there to discover the truth.

III. Rescue Haldin
To complicate matters, Haldin has been kidnapped by a band known only as the Shady Blade. If the truth is to be ascertained, he must be found.

IV. Cure Haldin
Finally, and if it is at all possible, a cure must be found and brough to Haldin Oathbearer.

More information may be found on Dun Morogh's wesbite here