The Story Hook:
While patrolling the southern reaches of Ashenvale forest, a group of Horde warriors stumble across a lone Kaldorei hunter, Taiev Shadowglade, moving through their territory. Convinced that she was is up to no good, they ambush her and take her prisoner. Just barely managing to dispatch Wolf with a message to the Silvereye, Taiev has no choice but to surrender, hoping that her Sisters will come to her rescue. Hurrying through the forest to their camp, the Horde warriors become aware of owls and lithe shapes flitting through the trees around them... the hunt is on!

The Objectives:
Alliance: Rescue the hostage, and return her to Astranaar
Horde: Bring the hostage the Horde outpost of Crossroads

- date and time: exact time is on the Onyx Ascendancy "DIplomacy" forum, and in the Silvereye "Event" forum
- area in which the event will take place: Ashenvale Forest
- general ambush location: Ashenvale road
- maximum participant numbers and levels per side: approximately 10 characters between levels 35 and 43
The average level should be around 38-40, with fewer characters if only high levels are availlble.

Rules of engagement:
- PVP is flagged on, although use of EverPvP is not mandatory
- general PVP etiquette
- The hostage is "unarmed" and must follow her captors, at a walk. Her injuries make it impossible for her to run.
- The hostage swaps sides when one side wipes out the other, or drives them away from the Hostage
- If killed, the hostage must return to her corpse and reclaim it.
- the hostage should not be killed "to keep her quiet" while the Horde is fighting off the rescue attempt.

Potential developments:
- If the rescue attempt fails, Taiev might remain a prisoner for a while, openning the opportunity for Open RP in the Wow forum - might lead to Horde/Alliance friendship, or perhaps just gratuitous elf-baiting...
- revenge hostage taking (the same scenario in reverse. Perhaps in the Wetlands?)
- A larger Alliance group could try the same attack, this time against a group of Horde warriors in defended positions.

Alliance: Silvereye
Horde: Onyx Ascendancy