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 Report: Investigating The Stormrage Barrow Dens
Posted: Aug 1 2005, 05:35 PM

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Erynia, Taiev,

I hereby report my findings of the search our Circle performed last night of the Stormrage Barrow Dens, in the Moonglade.

We all gathered near the village of Nighthaven. Some were brought in by a helpful gnome who called himself Mik, and who had a handy transportation device. On the request of Erynia, I led those who were there to the Stormrage Barrow Dens.

We searched the three dens, starting with the southernmost one. There we discovered the empty niche of Sylendra. Aela discovered a small pouch of white leather in there, filled with a number of small stones, inscribed with runes. To me, those looked like the ones we Elves used long ago to tell fortunes, or perhaps to ward. Also, some bones and skulls were found. More on that later.

Next we searched the middle den, the "Big One", as Aerandul called it. Here we found a niche which contained only a dagger and a necklace, wrapped around each other. They once belonged to a druid called Amarre. The strange thing is, that according to Arydia and yourself, Eryn, Amarre had become corrupt. It is indeed strange to find him sleeping in the Barrow dens, then. The dens seemed changed, corrupted somehow.. disturbing news, for what is in some ways the heart of our people.

Another desecrated room was found, this one missing Theleana. Acrona seemed to sense something there, but could not locate what it was specifically. In that room, you, Erynia, discovered the mark of Ras Frostwhisper on the shrine, put there much more recently than the other inscriptions on it.

The search of the last Barrow Den, the northern one, turned up a last missing druid. In one niche, Havaenara found a small box, with in almost faded Elven runes, the name Myseria on it. It seemed she was missing as well.

After that, all of us went outside, and discussed what we had found briefly. In the end, Arydia, Acrona and myself would search the Barrow Dens once more, and try to see if there was a pattern to be found.

Once more, we searched through the three Barrow Dens. No more missing druids turned up. Luckily, not all of the rooms in each of the dens seemed to contain the taint. During our search, Acrona found an ancient silver bracer, still containing some trace of enchantment, with Ras's rune inscribed on the inside of it. We also looked more closely at some of the skeletons, and discovered some of the strangely distorted skulls carried the taint, and had the runes for that inscribed on their insides.

In the end we concluded the following:
  • Ras uses his runes to corrupt, and he needs his runes to corrupt. That seems to be a weakness.
  • The skeletons in the Barrow Dens were both from Tauren, Night Elves, and some strange distorted ones we could not place. Those last ones had his markings on the inside of their skull, suggesting that Ras can put his mark inside a creature, while it still lives. There were signs of struggle there, though it was too long ago to make certain what has happened.
  • The four we have found missing, he seems to have corrupted, or tainted, some perhaps even before they entered the Dens.
  • He also seems to have used items to corrupt some. The bracer we found seems to be an example of that.
  • Some of the shrines seemed to be tainted as well. Those that were, bore his mark, and did not show the moonlight glow the others did have, or if they did, it was but faint and uncertain. How Ras's mark has been placed on the shrines, we were unable to find out.
I hope you can use this report as a basis for further actions. If you have any additional questions, you know where to find me.

I am deeply disturbed at what we have found. When I entered the Emerald Dream, all these long years ago, and went to sleep in the Barrow Dens, I felt warm, comforted by the earth around me, like a mother's womb, held and kept safe. But now, the Dens felt cold, dark and uneasy.

This must be resolved.

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