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 Example Format Faq, Read this first!!!
Posted: Jul 2 2005, 02:59 AM

Augur of the Third Age
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This is the preferred method for submitting candidates you think are worth persuing


Name: (name of char)

Class: (class of char, priority will be given to "recommended" classes, but all wil be considered)

Background: (everything you've learned about the char thus far)

Reasons: (list reasons both IC and OOC for recommending this char, IC first please)


Basic rules -

If they are below L20 they need some good reasons to get in, anyone who's not made that milestone could decide to reroll or file their char as an alt (see Malvearas) , therefore be more wary with "fresh" characters, and make extra sure they're in it for the long haul.

Anyone RP'ing as the son / daughter of a major NPC is out, no questions asked.

Anyone metagaming openly (knowing names before introductions, places, etc) is also out.

Use of "l33t" speak not only rules them out, but earns the right for Jivan to use them as target practice wink.gif

Please post suggestions and refinements below.


"Some prices are too great. Some webs should never be spun." - Erynia Starshard, Cenarion Agent (Internal Affairs)
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Posted: Jul 19 2005, 12:39 AM

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May I add to this that sometimes it can be a good thing to have patience. E.g. the first time I met Rueti she did not say must, but after some days she proved that she was very worthy of joining *smiles and hugs Rueti*

Point being: Some players come out as "we want this member, and fast" and some needs a little more time..

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