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 Report: Recon mission
Posted: Dec 26 2007, 12:01 PM

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Recon mission sunday 23 december:

On Sunday the 23th of december i, Nasheen, intercepted a small Orcish convoy in Ashenvale. I took the 2 crates they where transporting with me to open them later. With the help of Kinly we opend the crates and found out there where weapons and armor in it that would fit well on light cavalry. The convory moved into Ashenvale from the Barrens. Seeing this could mean there could be a light cavalry in our woods i requested Kinly's assistance on a recon mission.

Kinly and i moved into the Barrens under the cover of the night to see if we could find anything. We crossed the borders and made our way to the first gaurd tower. Under the guard tower there was a wagon, we found more crates with weapons and light armor. The same kind we had intercepted earlyer. We proceeded to the south and found a orcish black smith, we sneaked into his house while he was crafting something a bit away from his house. We found a logbook in orcish so we need someone to translate it. The black smith seemed pretty busy crafting so perhaps he is connected to weapon making.

We moved more to the east again and stumbled on a huge wagon that seemed to have run into a ambush. At first we thought it was just a normal wood transport on closer inspection we found crates around it. These crates where only filled with armor but seemed to move to the borders.

We have high believes that the orcs are planning a invasion. There are to many weapons and armor shipped towards Ashenvale for only the orcs who work there.

quick notes:

- After killing a small transport party i found suplyments for light cavalry.
- Kinly and i went on a recon mission, moved into the orcish lands.
- We found wagons with crates full of weapons and armors.
- We intercepted a log book, its in orcish so it has to be translated yet.
- What seemed to be a woodtransport towards Ashenvale turned out to be a coverd weapon transport.
- We have high believes that the orcs prepare a invasion.

Recon mission tueseday 25th december:

In preparation for the Splintertree assault Kinly and i went to scout the Splintertree post again. In the camp are 15 guards visible spreaded trough the whole camp. The hills surounding the camp are to high for a ambush so we cannot place rangers there to open fire. When we strike it will have to be done trough the front gate.

I sended Kinly into the camp to find out if there where more guards in the buildings. Her skills of sneaking around in the shadows are great and she reported back to me that she had found a cave. No guards inside but the cave seemed to be able to be sealed. Perhaps during an attack they retreat back into it and hide there under siege untill forces from Ogrimar come to aid them. There where small air holes in it, but a troll or a goblin could climb out of them to get help. We tried to locate where these holes came out of the ground but we where unable to locate them.

We moves on to the warsong lumber mill. We proceeded to the keep there, it was heavely guarded, and looking around we saw siege machines. Also Kinly went to investigate a bunker and she reported back that the bunker was filled with Shamans and grunts. We suspect that the orcs are hosting the invasion army here. When we strike an attack we about ten to fiveteen minutes before the warsong can respond. But they have many forces so we want to be out before they arive. The armors and weapons could be meant for the grunts inside the bunker.

When we moved on to find another small orc camp we stumbled uppon a forsakken camp. They spotted us and we had to slay them. All of them where eliminated. We inspected the camp and found a horrific scene, they seemed to have experimented on a druid from the Dor'Danil barrow den. We moved to the Den to ask if they missed any druid. When we arrived the druids outside attacked us, and the weird thing was, and these are Kinly's words, that once we killed them it was like a cold chil was felt. We went inside and saw more forsaken inside, and some druids who attacked us again. Seeing that we had vital information about the orcs i orderd to get out of there and come back later with a bigger recon team to find out what happend to the place. Kinly and i shall go back and here by request two more members for the recon team.

We have some books and notes from our second recon mission that also need to be translated. All taken items will be given to the Keeper once im able to see her.

quick notes:

- Recon of Splintertree. Guards:15 visible
- A cave that could be used to retreat themselfs in awaiting reinforcements from Ogrimar. it has holes in it trough where a troll or goblin could climb out and get reinforcements.
- South and south west a overseer and a shaman, at the warsong lumber garrison
- Inside the garrison where many grunts and shamans. Perhaps the armor and weapons we found earlyer where meant for this place.
- We encounterd a small forsaken camp. It got comprimised and had to fight. The whole camp had been slaughterd.
- Spotted another orc camp, no documents but again crates with weapons and armor, also some food.
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