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 Shot down
Posted: Apr 16 2008, 04:54 PM

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"Whats wrong Sister? Why do you think we are against you?" the last few words that Nasheen heard before she saw two arrows flying her way. The armor penetrating arrows made their ways trough her armor, knocking her off her saber. She hit the ground pretty hard, forcing all the air out her longues.

For a few seconds she stared up into the sky, a nice blue sky, i could have been such a nice day. Suddenly Taiev and Natashy came in her vision, all blury. They spoke to hear, but she couldn't hear them cause of the shock. The only thing she could think off where the last few minutes. Why did she thought the keeper and Natashy where against her? Did they really yell at her, now that she thought of it the probally didn't. She probally had misunderstood it. Cause of her hot temper she was foolish enough to mount up to ride away from the confrontation she started herself. A foolish act with snipers shooting at random troops who had gatherd to cleance Quel'Danas from enemy forces. She had been a easy prey, sitting high above the others. A tactical error she could not have afforded. She was a pride warrior, now she ashemed even herself.

It was when the keeper removed one of the arrows that Nasheen noticed the pain. She tried to scream, but found a hilt of a dagger in her mouth. At least the keeper kept her head clear and knew how to deal with this situation. Its beter to bite on the hilt than scream and faint from the pain. The pain was to much, and Nasheen fainted time to time. The last thing she knew was when she got caried into a building, and seeing that Natashy had been hit aswell.
When she was inside a building everything became black around her. Her life flashing by, she really had made a big mess out of it. And when she finally had found a home again in the Silvereye she was about to loose it aswell with her behavior. First her protest against the use of Arcane, and recently the argument with Laythe about if Nath would be a problem of the Silvereye or not. Now she had regrets that it happend, but would she ever get a chance to appologies to the circle for her behavior? It didn't looked good for her in this darkness. If Elune would spare her life, she would become a better person, she would make a appology in front of the circle, and try to teach from the priestess to keep her emotions under controll. She would fight more proud for the goddess and make the circle proud. But if she ever wanted to get out of this darkness, she would have to get help from Elune.

((Nasheen is currently in a coma, there for i shall not appear on guild events untill she awakes from it. The idea was that only a priestess of Elune could bring Nasheen back out of the coma, i thought of Tyrrak, but if anyone else wants to RP it contact me so we can make a event out of it.))
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