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 Lekilor's report on the three letters
Posted: May 14 2008, 09:34 PM

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Today, we have received a call for help from Natheril Raincaller of Starfall Village in Winterspring, who has previously given us information on the Silver Sentinels there, and suspicious activity in the barrow den nearby. It seems that the activity has started again, and a mysterious person has begun looking around Starfall and the barrow den again. Natheril has approached him, and asked if he could offer some help. Without saying anything, the person gave Natheril the following letter:

My friend, how can it be we have not heard from you for so long? How is the large matter you were engaged in? I hope you are not distracted by matters from the past!

The letter was addressed to Adon Mantlebranch, the same person who appeared in Nighthaven not long before the murder of the archivist Jaen Moongale, and who is most likely behind the murder.

It turned out that Keeper Taiev has received two other letters much earlier. The handwriting and the text were exactly the same, but they were addressed to different people. One is addressed to Sessiline Greywater or Greenwater, the other is too worn to read the name. One is from Nighthaven, the other from Cenarion Hold in Silithus.

This leaves us with three possibilities:

- The people here are real, and are Fanaion's agents. However, this doesn't explain why the text in the three letters is exactly the same. This also means that Fanaion has agents in all Cenarion settlements on Kalimdor, at the very least.
- The people referred to in the letters are false identities of Fanaion. This leaves an unknown number of his other false identities, and indicates great skill on his part in assuming them.
- The letters are false clues deliberately laid out to lead whoever might pursue him into a trap. This is consistent with him planting many false traps in Winterspring's barrow den, and also means that he is far ahead of us in this matter. This also explains the readiness of the stranger to give the letter to Natheril.

Currently I am in Nighthaven with Ashtear, trying to find out anything else about the people addressed to in the letter.

The dark times will pass. We will persevere. Remember the Keeper.
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Posted: May 16 2008, 07:58 AM

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A fine report, Shan, and a good basis for us to make a further decision.

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