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 Arcane Items, Reports on arcane items found on Azeroth
Posted: Jul 28 2005, 07:03 PM

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The role of this section is to serve as an index to various reports about interesting objects found across Azeroth that relate in any way to the arcane. My personal reports will always have the format of a letter for Taiev, as she is my mentor in everything to do with enchanting and its secrets (also for the same reason these reports are always OOC information to everyone except Taiev - unless she decides to show the letters). Of course, people are free to add reports in any format they like; my only request please, is to use the format
Item Report: <title>
for the subject of the post. I would also suggest that if you want to make the report known to everyone IC you could adress it to everyone in Silvereye.

Runae's reports:

The Eye of Azora
The Fel Orb
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