Serving the Goddess is a challenge and a privilege, and each must follow their own path in Her name. In broad terms, though, there are several overall paths. The Wardens are responsible for each of these paths, for guiding the way along them, and guarding against the dangers that lurk there. Four are known to exist, while whispers are heard of a fifth. In common for each is that following it requires the completion of several tasks, increasing in complexity and more demanding with each stage.

Completing a stage in a Path entitles you to wear a Seal, a symbol of achievement and honour with the Silvereye. In order to win the highest Seal within a specific Path, you must have completed three tasks in a line, as well as hold at least one Seal in a different Path.



Path of the Hunt
The thrill of the hunt, striving to find the impossible...

Discipline of the Explorer
Seek out lost things and secret places, and learn of them

Discipline of the provider
Gather the bounty of the Hunt in Her name.

Path of the Wild
Life and Death, eternal in Her eyes...

The Discipline of Life.
The art of healing and curing all kinds of ailments and also the growth of plants and animals.

The Discipline of Death.
The less pleasant side of nature. For all that nature gives, it takes away as well. Harness the power of nature and learn the value of death

Path of War
Strife and battle, prepare in Her name...

The Discipline of Strife
Meet the Dark Warrior's foes in battle, deny them succour in their homes, and make them pay for their crimes

The Discipline of Preparation
To be strong, we must prepare. All who fight in Her name and for her Vision are much loved in Her sight.

Path of the Moon
The truth is only seen by moonlight...

Discipline of Light
Sacrifice and care giving are the paths to live in Her love.

Discipline of Lore
Only the Knowledge of the tangible and of the intangible can enlighten our soul with Her wisdom.