The Grand Ball
Arranged under the auspices of the Theramore Compact by Lady Kismat and her entourage, the Grand Ball was held in the halls of the Stormwind Keep - the first time such a social arrangement had been held since the ending of the Third War. An open invitation was issued to all of the nations of the Alliance, to come and meet under far less martial circumstances than is the norm for Azeroth.

Though some seemed unconcerned by the hubbub, guests gathered outside the Keep, chatting excitedly.   The needs of security lead to some delays, as guests gathered in larger and larger numbers.   Finally, though, guests were admitted to the Keep and travelled into the Park to meet and socialise.
Before the official welcome speeches Kaldorei, dwarves, gnomes and humans rubbed shoulders in the Keep.   Guests continued to arrive - the popularity of the event all but overwhelming the guards   Speaking to the assembled people, Taiev Shadowglade of the Silvereye said a few words of her hopes for peace, before Lady Kismat declared the Grand Ball open.

  Taiev Shadowglade's Speech
I see many of the peoples of Azeroth gathered here tonight. Some of you I know, and many of you I have yet to meet, but I am confident that we share at least one value: the search for peace, which is the first and greatest goal of the Silvereye.

But there are three imperatives of peace - three requirements that the prudent must face with unblinking realism:

The first imperative is the elementary necessity of maintaining our own strength - both moral and military. Little has changed since the Sundering in this regard, the compelling necessities of our world leave us no alternative to the maintenance of real and respectable strength - not only in our moral rectitude, but in terms of adequate military power.

Moral strength is essential. We cannot collapse into the pleasant trap of “peace at any cost” - but nor can we allow ourselves to degenerate into bloodthirst and barbarism. If we are too weak, we are overcome, if we become too enamoured of war, we become no better than those we fight. What each of us does, how each of us acts, has an influence on this.

Now, the second imperative of peace is Collective Security.

We live in an open world, in which oceans are crossed in hours, a world in which a powerful and militant Horde menaces the freedoms of independent nations. To ensure the combined strength of our Alliance is an elementary matter of self-preservation. We are no stronger than the weakest amongst us. The Theramore Compact is the bulwark of this Collective Security.

But we, better than any other people know the truest enemy that threatens our peace. I am speaking, of course, of the Minions of Liche King and the Burning Crusade – those who wait upon our will to falter, so that they may strike.

And so the third imperative of peace is this:

Without for an instant relaxing our internal and collective defenses, we must actively try to bridge the great chasm that separates us from those warriors and heroes who stood with us at Hyjal.We must find, if not peace together, then a common understanding that we all have greater foes, and that if we are ultimately to find peace in our time, we will only find it together.