Prelude: The New Plague

Erynia, a druid of the Silvereye driven by a terrible violation, has been given the task of learning the fate of a druidess and her protector. At every turn, the plot takes a turn for the darker, becoming a tale of perverted evil almost beyond imagining. As she learns more, she is drawn further into a web of corruption that seems aimed at her personally, and masterminded by a creature of malign will and great power. If she is to emerged from the web unbroken, she will need all the aid she can be given.

"Shadow of Caer Darrow"

Sylendra and Korgan, dispatched to learn the truth behind the dissappearance of many Kaldorei druids travelled to the distant island of Caer Darrow, and the ruins of Scholomance.

Travelling to Scholomance in defiance of the will of the Silvereye, Erynia and Arydia confirmed the gruesome truth. Sylendra and Korgan are dead, horribly slain by the monstrous Liche that lurks beneath Caer Darrow.

Their fate is recorded in terrible detail in Sylendra's diary which was recovered and returned to Eryn. But while travelling in the plague ridden lands of Lorderon, the pair fell victim to the same plague that afflicted Haldin Oathbearer of Dun Morogh.

  Erynia and Arydia look out over the twisted ruins of Scholomance

The need to find a cure for the mysterious plague that had afflicted the Dwarves of Dun Morogh has become much more pressing. Two members of the Silvereye have been infected by it. Only though a combination of a seal of powerful natural magic, and Eryn's strong will is the plague being kept at bay. Unless is it is cured, and soon, both she and Arydia will die.

Spurred on by the need to find a cure, Taiev redoubled her efforts, travelleing to the Wailing Caverns and fighting a series of bloody skirmishes with the Forsaken encamped around the ancient Barrows in Ashenvale. Finally, with the help of Kayneth Stillwind of Ashenvale, she retrieved a sample of the original disease the Forsaken had inflicted on the sleeping druids.

Using this she began to develop a potion that would counter the foul Forsaken magic, and make it possible for natural druidic magic to heal the sickness. But the question remained, would it work?


But the dilemma was taken out of her hands, for Erynia´s strength had finally failed. Acting swiftly, the Silvereye mustered its forces in Moonglade to confront the plague head on. A gathering of druids combined their strength in a potent ritual of natural healing. First one, then the next succumbed in the desparate battle with the plague, pouring their strength into Arydia and Erynia. But as they spent their strength, the plague, constrained by Taiev's concoction, receded and went into remission and was finally driven out.

Erynia and Arydia were healed. But the price for Erynia was heavy: the strain of holding the Plague and the surge of energy from the massive healing ritual had all but destroyed her memory. She had been saved... but at a terrible cost.

The ritual begins, Niviel calling on Malfurion and the blood of slaughtered Cenarius for strength.
Building in strength, the ritual fights to twisted hexes that bind the Plague into its victims.
Taiev looks on, as her sisters gather their strength.
The power flows freely, great bursts of energy lighting the trees of Moonglade
One by one, the druids begin to collapse, exhausted by the effort.
Building to a crescendo, the great flux of natural energy burns out the Plague
Taiev looks down on Erynia. The cure had seemingly worked - but the works of Liches are not so easily undone...

Act I : Shadow over the Dream


Ras Frostwhisper´s hold on Eryn grows stronger, and the Plague spreads faster than the Silvereye can contain it - striking down members of the Masquerade and the Clans Morogh. The need to uncover the truth about Ras' plan, and more importantly, how to counter it. Steeling itself for the worst the Silvereye began an investigation of the barrow Dens in Moonglade, but none where prepared for the grim truth of what lay within.

Entering the Stormwage Barrow dens, uncertain ofwhat they will find within
Mighty Tauren stand watch over the entrances...
Deep in the Darkness, they begin to uncover disturbing clues...
Hurried council and dark conclusions point to a great plot masterminded by the monster of Caer Darrow.        

In niches and barrow chambers, they discovered the corpses of druids twisted and corrupted by the Liche's power. Worse yet, the Barrow seals were unbroken, indicating that the sleeping druids had somehow been corrupted from within the Emerald Dream itself. More ominous yet was the discovery that Erynia herself had emerged from one of the barrows hardest hit. It seemed more and more likely that Ras had put his mark on her from within the Dream.

A full report was compiled by Gilthas Moonshadow and presented to the Silvereye. On this basis of this report, it was decided to search further afield. Acting on reports gathered months earlier by Taiev Shadowglade pointed to the presence of something twisted and evil in the Wailing Caverns in the heart of the Barrens, and a party of SIlvereye druids was despatched to travel into enemy territory and investigate the caverns. Ominously, the report on the state of the Wailing Caverrns was ominous indeed, indicating that the Emerald Dream was indeed being corrupted.

"The bad copper piece..."

In the courtyard of the keep the blasted island of Caer Darrow, Darjana Stargazer noticed a single candle - an ominous name inscribed upon it: Ammare, a name that held dark memories for Erynia.

Interlude : "The Shadow of the Coldbringer"

Acting on a pair of reports by Darjana Stargazer on the growing darkness in the Razor Fen Kraul, Taiev Shadowglade lead a party into the depths to examine the situation for herself. What she discovered there was disturbing the extreme. The Quillboar, twisted in the of undeath had taken to aducting and torturing travellers in the Barrens, before cooking them alive in a cruel furnace. Deeper within the Downs, the situation grew more ominous. Skittering shapes lept from shadow to shadow and it became obvious that the once proud scions of the great Boar God had become twisted servants of the Scourge.

The party prepares to enter the Downs - intent on discovering the truth of the growing corruption of the Quillboar
A slaughtered Nerubian is an ominous indicator of he identity of the "new allies of the Quillboar people"
Aiding the mage Belinastraz to destroy the Quillboar's hateful alter
Belinastraz true identity revealed, and a disturbing new development...
A great heap of bones bears witness to the hundreds of slaughtered travellers
In the depths of the Downs, the true master of this terrible place...

Although many in the party, including Kyndra were all but overcome by their hatered, and wished nothing more than to launch an assault on the Lich immediately, Taiev held them back. Deeply concerned by the consequences of alerting Ras to Silvereye plans by destroying one of his chief Lieutenants, Taiev withdrew with her party - promising to return in force and destroy the place and its cruel master utterly.



Chapter II : Assault on the Scourge

Realising that the time had come, Erynia Starshard called upon the aid of the Silvereye in launching a full attack on two chief lieutenants of the Lich Ras Frostwhisper. The destruction of these two monsters would force Ras to focus on remaking their physcial forms, and binding their tortured spirits back into their smashed bodies. Erynia assembled a powerful assault, comprised of many of the Silvereye's greatest warrior for one thrust of the attack, while Kyndra would lead the second thrust targetted at the master of Razerfen Down - the Lich Amnennar the Coldbringer. With most of the Silvereye poised to strike at Stratholm, Taiev called up Rodentia and Rattus, two Gnomes whom she had aided on several occasions, calling in their debt to her. The small warband set out from Menethil harbour, their grim goal - the destruction of Amnennar.

The Destruction of Amnennar

The clanking monstrosities ridden by Rodentia and Rattus bring up the rear as the party left Menethil.
Fording swollen rivers, the party made good time.
The entrance to the Razorfen Downs yawned ominously, great numbers of twisted quillboar mindlessly answering the call of their new master.
Bypassing the greater part of the undead resistance, thanks to their knowledge of the Downs gathered on their previous foray, the party descended into the depths.
A moment's calm... the Liche´s guard lie dead, and his miserable twisted existence is all but at an end. The bravery of master Rattus knew no end even in the face of the twisted Lich (although he did have to take numerous breaks to answer the call of nature on the way)
Kyndra, all but consumed with hatered toward Amnennar calls out... gloating over the creature´s imminent death.

As the Coldbringer fell, crushed, to the floor of his defiled chamber, the warband quickly slipped away like shadows into the night - the magicks of Mistress-Mage Rodentia carrying them to Darnassus in the blink of an eye. Their task was done, and a great blow had been struck against the minions of the Liche-King.



Chapter III : Endgame

As Ras reeled from the the blows of losing his chief lieutenants, and then losing control over Erynia following the ritual performed by Taiev Shadowglade, the Silvereye gathered an elite force to storm the Liche´s stronghold under Scholomance and destroy his power once and for all. Under cover of the Stormwind Ball, the team travelled in secret to Caer Darrow and forced their way into the dark abandonned halls on the island.

The Destruction of Ras


His power shattered, and his plans in ruins Ras hissed a last warning in defiance before the hammer of the stalwart dwarven Paladin Rugnus broke his back: "It matters not! Your power will fail in the face of the Horror beneath the Sands! Your end will come and you are too weak to escape it!"