This is a mildly fictionalised version of the joint attempt by Silvereye and Dun Morogh to rescue and cure the dwarf Haldin Oathbearer of a new and terrible plague of Undeath. You can read the rules for the event here


Vigil of the Silvereye
The Silvereye, always alert for the rise of new threats, became aware that a dwarf of the Dun Morogh clan had fallen ill with a virulent plague. His kinsmen had tried to cure him, but had failed. To make matters worse, the dwarf was spirited away from Menethil Keep by a band of miscreants known only as "The Shady Blades".

Undertaking to assist the Dwarves, the Silvereye rapidly discovered just how virulent the plague actually was, almost losing two of its own to it. Fortunately, Taiev Shadowglade's studies of the activities of the Forsaken in Ashenvale allowed her to develop a partial cure, that proved effective against the plague. At the same time, Galadiel of the Silvereye made contact with the Shady Blades and secured the release of Haldin, for the princely sum of ten golden coins.

Departing Menethil
The scene for the handover was set, and the Silvereye, accompanied by the uncouth forces of the Dun Morogh, set out to retrieve Haldin. Ever suspicious, Taiev had counselled her sisters to gather in force, and events later that evening, would prove her fears far from unfounded.

Travelling quickly through the Wetlands, to the agreed upon location, the column located the dwarf Haldin, tied to a tree, close to Ironbeard's Tomb. Knowing the danger posed by the plague, the Silvereye kept the rest of the force back, while Erynia Starshard laid the Timewarden's Seal on the Dwarf, imprisoning the the plague, and making it safe to move him. Unfortunately, this powerful channelling tapped her already weakened spirit, leaving her vulnerable to dangers that even the watchful eyes of the Huntress Arrina and the Knight of the Silver Hand Nightsorrow could not protect her from.

Confrontation in the Wetlands
Moving at the best speed they could, but slowed by Erynia, and Haldin carried on the stalwart back of his kinsman Thorgrim, the force quickly encountered a small by potent band of Horde warriors lead by no less than Catahecassa of the Onyx Ascendancy himself. Though Taiev, who knew Catahecassa well enough to fear and respect him in equal measures tried to keep order, the recent escalation in hostilities proved too much, and many members of the Alliance force assaulted Catahecassa's escort, driving them off, and preventing any attempt at diplomacy.

Malvai Strikes
The Horde continued to worry the flanks of the column all the way back to Menethil, but as the column passed the last bridge and crossed the very threshold of Menethil itself, a Forsaken assassin launched a dazzling strike against Haldin, cutting him down and fleeing before she could be touched.

At a stroke, the mission seemed thwarted, Haldin falling senseless to the ground, and Erynia following him a moment later. Only through the prompt aid of the priests and paladins in the force was Haldin saved… Erynia, was saved too, but by a very different agency.

To Darnassus, by Sea
Moving as quickly as they could, the Silvereye carried Erynia and Haldin to a waiting ship and embarked for the Kaldorei capital of Darnassus. Though almost lost in a freak storm, the doughty human-built ship arrived at Teldrassil, and the force moved quickly to the Temple of the Moon, to fulfil their promises to the Dwarves, and cure their kinsman.

Kaldorei Power
As Taiev poured her potion between Haldin's cold lips, her sisters unleashed the raw force of nature, burning the tainted undead venom from Haldin's veins. As the storm raged, Dwarven tempers flared, never ones to trust elves, the sight of such a display of Kaldorei power was disconcerting in the extreme. As they watched, strong Dwarven hands crept toward their weapons - ready to wreak bloody vengeance if their kinsman should perish by elven witchcraft...

Phyrric Victory
But as the storm blew itself out, Haldin looked about and, with a curse, roared for strong dwarven mead… His kinsmen gathered around him to rejoice at his return to them, but as they shouted Dwarven promises to throw roasted meat at any Silvereye they might meet, douse them in ale, and fight them bare-knuckled in a bear-pit echoed through the Temple of the Moon, it was clear to the Silvereye that the victory was a phyrric one - to save the Dwarf, one of their own had paid a terrible price...