As a representative of the Royal Apothecarion Society travels to Mirkfallon Lake to conduct mysterious research there, the Horde gathers warriors to defend him from the perfidious Alliance. But all is not as it seems...(More information about this event can be found here.) Please note, this is a mildly fictionalised account of the event.

Escalation: The Long March

Drawing on her extensive contacts amongst the goblins of the Venture Co, as well as a secret agent deeo within the ranks of the Horde itself, Taiev Shadowglade began to receive reports of renewed activity in Stonetalon Mountain. The dispatch of a tauren scholar from the Royal Apothecarion Society to Stonetalon Mountain under heavy escort by the Onyx Ascendancy, the Ashen Rose Conspiracy, the Warsong Clan and the Factio Funestus was cause for concern. Ordering her Warden of War to muster a force to "retrieve" the Scholar by any means necessary, as well as to interfere as much as possible in the Horde´s acitivities she slipped away for a meeting with her agent to gather as much information as possible ahead of the battle.

The Research

Meeting his escort at Crossroads in the Barrens, the tauren scholar Weiskopf set out for Mirkfallon lake to conduct a series of measurements as part of research sanctioned by the Royal Apothecarion Society. Immediately upon arriving, Weiskopf called upon the Horde leader, the troll Caddrel to dispatch part of his forces to secure Thunderaxe Fortress to the south.

Moments after the Factio Funestus force departed, the Horde force guarding the scholar was attacked by a powerful Alliance party and overwhelmed. Moving swiftly, they secure the Scholar and set out for Nijel´s Point, a less-than-gentle interrogation.

Caddrel Counterattacks and the Silvereye takes Thunderaxe Fortress

Regrouping his forces, Caddrel lead a counterattack to recapture the Scholar. After an extended skirmish in Charred Vale, they managed to drive off the Silvereye warriors for long enough to reclaim the Scholar. Gathering close about the Scholar, who was now conducting more measurements in Charred Vale, seemingly oblivious to the fighting, the Horde waited for the inevitable Alliance counterattack.

It did not materialise. In the meantime, the Factio Funestus leader Nathgoren waited at Thunderaxe fortress with his small force. Reports of Kaldorei flitting from shadow to shadow outside the stockade did little to reassure him, as did the lack of word from Caddrel´s force. Then, as the moon slipped behind a cloud, the Silvereye launched their attack. Aided by a contingent of Dwarves and Alliance adventurers, they broke through the outnumbered Factio Funestus lines and captured the fortress.

The Ascendancy Arrives

But before the Alliance could consolidate their hold on the Fortress, Caddrel´s larger force arrived. The Alliance were now outnumbered, and caught between the larger advancing force and the Forsaken of the Factio Funestus who were clambering back to their battered feet and rejoining the fray. Scattering the Silvereye and their allies, the Horde force retook the Fortress, and set about securing it as the Scholar continued his research.

Holding Out

As the Alliance launched probing attacks all around the Stockade, the Scholar continued his reasearch around the felcrystal at the heart of Thunderaxe Fortress. Finally, after a number of near fatal encounters with the Twilight Hammer cultists Weiskopf completed his research. Taking advantage of a brief lull Caddrel decided to launch a breakout attempt. The Horde force burst out of the fortress stockade and engaged the Alliance line. For a brief instant their attention was distracted from the Scholar, and a party of Kaldorei made a valiant attempt to steal the Scholar out from under the nose of the Horde assault only to be noticed and driven off at the last moment.

The Alliance warpaty rides north to meet the Horde force   Weiskopf and his escort pass from the Barrens into Stonetalon Mountain   The Silvereye Warden of War demands Weiskopf surrender
Moving south as swiftly as they could force their prisoner to move, the Silvereye keep an eye open for a Horde rescue attempt   Having lost Weiskopf, the Alliance rides for Thunderaxe Fortress to investigate reports of a Forsaken force there   The Alliance advances on Thunderaxe Fortress
The Factio Funestus scattered, the Silvereye pause to regroup   At NIjel´s Point, the Silvereye considers the implications of the Horde's interest in Thunderaxe Fortress    


As the Alliance party withdrew, the Horde force secured the outskirts of the Fortress, and prepared to create a Portal to the Undercity, to return Weiskopf to his shadowy masters in the Royal Apothecarion Society. The grim Tauren seemed pleased with his results, but far more pleased with the bloody battlefield and the strife and carnage his visit had caused.

As he vanished through the Portal many of those who had fought valiantly to protect him were left wondering about his motives and about what he had actually been doing...