This is a mildly fictionalised version of the hearing of Taiev Shadowglade which took place at the Feast of Elune.


The Feast of Elune

Not taking place at a specific time of year, the Feast of Elune is a celebration of the Kaldorei´s love for the natural world, and an affirmation of the joy of all life. Often marked with dance and celebration, the Feast is also an opportunity to discuss darker, more serious matters. For as the moon waxes and wanes between dark and light, so must the Kaldoreialso also realise that dark and light are part of the natural order.

The Silvereye gathered to celebrate the Feast of Elune for exactly such a dark reason. In the aftermath of events in Moonglade they had grown to doubt their Sister Taiev Shadowglade, an Exhalted Spirit of the Silvereye. Such was their concern, that they decided to discuss the matter in solemn council, and decide their Sister's fate.

Setting out for the Oracle Glade in Teldrassil, they walked in silence, knowing that night might be the last time Taiev walked amongst them. Though she seemed calm and composed, there was little doubt that she too, was concerned at the possible outcome.

The Silver Sentinels question Taiev

Gathered at the foot of the Oracle Tree, the assembled Silver Sentinels began to question Taiev about her actions. It was clear to all of them that Niviel Silvertree had been called back from the brink of death by something more than "mere" divine magic. All who attended could vividly remember Taiev bolstering the priestess' magic with an ancient Q'uel Dorei arcana powered by the raw force of daemonic magick. Such things are forbidden to the Kaldorei, and the gathered Silverey Sentinels demand answers from Taiev. What had she done, why had she chosen to use it, and most of all, how had she come to possess such knowledge...

Taiev speaks her case

Once she had heard the accusations levelled against her, Taiev began to speak. Her smooth, measured, and above all calm, voice doing much to dispel the rising suspicion against her. But the accusations were heavy ones, and ones she must answer.

Her answer was simple, in essence. Realising that daemonic magic had affected Niviel, she reasoned that only similar magic would be able to save her. In answer to how she came to possess such knowledge she answered simply: "to defeat your enemy, you must first know him". As a hunter, she had long studied the single prey that she most desired to hunt: the demonkin of the Burning Legion, along with their twisted puppets in the mortal world.

The Silver Sentinels Decide

Finally, after Taiev had spoken, she was posed a final question, by Erynia Starshard - a druid newly admitted to the Circle. She asked, "Do you, yourself, wish to turn aside from this dark path?"
Her anguish and remorse obvious, Taiev´s answer was simple: "I wish nothing more in the world"

Finally, the assembled Silvereye cast their vote. Would they cast her out, or would they forgive her. Each spoke in turn, their voices quiet in the still air as they decided Taiev's fate. The final vote cast, the result was clear. By a clear majority, they had chosen to forgive her.

But even as the votes were cast it was clear. They would forgive, but they would not forget.