This is a mildly fictionalised version of the assault launched by the SIlvereye to discover the true extent of the corruption of Felwood.


Responding to a call from Advisor Rueti, the Silvereye gathered its forces in Ashenvale, to hear her word. As her Sisters and brothers gathered she spoke of her plan...

The Blight of Felwood

Since their journey through Felwood to cure Niviel Silvertree, the Silvereye had not travelled into Felwood in force, leaving its Warden of the Wild Arydia to watch over it, and bring word of developments there back to the Circle. Now, in answer to her rising concerns about the Satyr gathering, and the presence of the Fel in force in Felwood, Rueti had called together a force to travel to Felwood to discover the truth.

On the border of Felwood

For each of the gathered Silvereyes, the sight of Felwood stretching far to the north was a painful one. Only the very youngest amongst them could not recall a time when Felwood was glorious and wild, like Ferelas in its beauty...

And now, as the wind turned south it carried the stench of corruption and the sounds of a forest devoid of the natural peace it should enjoy. Steeling themselves for the conflict ahead, they gripped their weapons more closely and moved north along a road lit by sickly deadlights...

Satyr and Infernals

Soon, their suspicions proved true, as scouts reported encountering Satyr gathering in the corrupted trees around them. The twisted once-kaldorei seemed intent on ambushing their cousins jealous of their purity and lusting for their destruction. The battle was joined beneath the twisted trees, with the Silvereye cutting deep into the heart of the Satyr camps, withdrawing before the Satyr could amass a counter attack. Though the SIlvereye were forced to withdraw they left many Satyr gutted and maimed in their wake, swearing to return and purge them utterly.

Ancients Falling

But worse was to come. As they returned to the road, Arydia lead the group toward the Irontree Woods, once home to some of the wisest of the Ancients. But no longer. The arrival of the Burning Legion had left the waters that had once nourished the Irontree woods corrupted and fouled. The great Ancients were dead, their wisdom gone out of the world, and only their great hulks remaining as a testimony to things now lost.

Private Oaths

And yet as the Silvereye gathered to mourn the loss, they were appalled to discover that the spirits of the once-great Ancients had somenow been trapped into twisted bodies and now rampaged through the remains of the Irontree Woods. Heartbroken, the Silvereye were forced to fight creatures who by all rights should be their allies.

As the sad and twisted creatures finally fell the Silvereye realised that they could no longer allow the state of Felwood to go unanswered, and each in their own private ways resolved to return in the future and do what they could to defend and cleanse Felwood.

Rueti's Plan

The journey into Felwood had solved another purpose however, as Rueti and the other skilled herbalists in the Circle had gathered certain secret herbs and plants that would be used to redress recent imbalances, and punish recent transgressions...