This is a mildly fictionalised version of the Histage Exchange event organised between the Onyx Ascendancy, Masquerade, Dun Morogh and the Silvereye.


During a confusing battle at a dig site in Mulgore, the gnome Rattus was captured by the Onyx Ascendancy, In the fighting, however, the Dun Morogh captured the Taureen shaman Lynxsoul, and took her prisoner.By order of the Mistress of the Silvereye Niviel SIlvertree, Taiev Shadowglade began negotiations with the Masquerade to arrange an exchange of hostages on behalf of the Dwarves (much to the delight of Madam Rodentia, apparently a close friend of the captured Rattus)

A time was set, and as the sun set over distant Stonetalon Mountain, the various groups moved in.

Mirkfallon Lake
Ahead of the main party of the Silvereye and Dun Morogh Erynia and Arrina arrived in the stonetalon mountains, to scout out an appropriate "handoff" area. They decided on secluded island in the centre of the lake seemed both open and defensible in case of violence. Rainii, acting as interpreter arrived along with sisters Rueti, Distel, Nirati and Aerandul, as well as brother Gilthas. Discussions between the SIlvereye and Rainii proceed smoothly, with both sides agreeing how to proceed..

Enter the Ascendancy
As they spoke, a massive force of Orcs, Tauren, Trolls and even Forsaken began to gather. Their vanguard held the gnome, but as they continued to arrive it became clear that they were there in such force as to allow them to utterly crush the Silvereye envoy. Their message clear: they would brook no insult.

Dwarven Suspicion
As the Silvereye strove to keep the peace with the Horde force, the dwarves arrived shouting raucus battlecries, and dragging their taureen captive in a battered and bruised condition. To the horror of the Silvereye envoys, it was that the dwarf Derin had been goading and torturing and force marching a captive for no other reason than his own pleasure.

To add insult to injury, the dwarves spent a good deal of time arguing with Rueti about the Onyx Ascendancy's intents, and were highly suspicious of the Ascendancy, and of the Silvereye itself.

The Exchange
Barely managing to placate the Ascendancy, who were themselves having to restrain a cadre of orcish warriors who wished nothing more than to slaughter dwarves, and carry beards home on their belts. Kaldorei diplomacy prevailed, and the exchange took place. While Erynia and Arrina escorted a small detatchment of dwarves including Derin and Rattus back to Stonetalon Peak, the remaining Silvereye remained behind to parlay with the Horde, and act as a rear-guard if it should come to violence.

Dwarven Gratitude
All the way back to Stonetalon, the Dwarves continued to taunt their allies, the Silvereye, culminating in Derin making deeply insulting claims about the Kaldorei being but a debased form of Troll. This was too much for for the Silvereye with them, and Erynia permitted Arrina to take steps to deal with Derin. Exhausted by maintaining her vigil against the Horde, Arrina failed to kill Derin. The Dwarves departed Stonetalon Mountain in high spirits at having retrieved their gnome and having given a "pointy ear" a thorough bashing. As the Silverereye made final negotiations and payed bloodprice to the Horde for the Dwarves' indignities, it was clear that the alliance between the Silvereye and the Dun Morogh was now but a hollow shell - gnawed empty by Dwarvish insults and suspicion.