The Festival of Lughnasad is a traditional celebration of the bounty of the earth, the wonders of the world and the joys of friendship. Much in need of joy and merriment in dark times, the Silvereye gathered in their capital of Darnassus to give thanks to Elune for the pleasant things in the world.

Taiev welcomes her sisters and brothers to the celebration in the Lake District of Darnassus   The Nightsabre is both trusted ally and friend in battle. To celebrate this alliance, Nishma Moonbrook arranged a challenge for both rider and sabre.   Racing through the trees, the course took the racers from Auberdine, through Astranaar and back.
The lands of Azeroth hide many wonders, and Lughnasad is a time to celebrate them.   Accompanied by the mournful ghost of a vanished age, Nishma was one of the many Silvereyes to bring a wonder before her sisters.   The festival ended with a great fireworks display!

For an evening, the grim state of the world, and its many wars was forgotten, and the Silvereye gathered in simple celebration of their love for the world and each other. Reaffirming their bonds to each other - and gathering their strength for future wars, the festival of Lughnasad was a welcome interlude in a world at war...