The Pilgrimage to Aessina

Organised by Lillyandra and Gwenhylew, the Silvereye combined their regular ceremony of Moonrise with the Pilgrimage, in order to show their devotion to the Goddess amongst others who shared their values. Departing from Darnassus and bound for the Shrine of Aessina.

The organisers of the Pilgrimage say a few words before setting out.   Taking ship from the foot of Teldrassil, the pilgrims were joined by a small group of Tauren - apparently peaceful and intent on worship Elune in her aspect as the Earth Mother   Passing through Auberdine, the Tauren Pilgrims had a series of run-ins with the Sentinel Guards, but displayed remarkable self control.
As the road lead the pilgrims south to Aessina, they lit their way with silvery lanterns, symbolising Elune's light   At the Shrine, each pilgrim said quiet prayers in a simple ceremony fitting the quiet grace and peace of the Goddess