This is a mildly fictionalised version of the Prisoner of the Horde event organised between the Onyx Ascendancy and the Silvereye. The focus is on narrative, rather than on a blow by blow description of events. You can read the rules for the event here

  The Capture

Travelling alone on the road to Astranaar, Taiev Shadowglade was attacked by a group of
Horde warriors. Lead by a trio of powerful Tauren, they ambushed her, and took her prisoner.

Their reasons for doing so, unclear, but their interest in the large number of arcane items she was carrying was obvious. Perhaps they were simple robbers... but acting quickly, they set out to the south... obviously intent on questioning her in the safety of their own territory.

Taiev, now disarmed and injured in the intial fight had no choice but to go with them, hoping against hope that her Sisters of the Silvereye would hear her call for help, and come to her aid.

  To the South

Obviously acting without the direct sanction of the Horde, Taiev's kidnappers travelled around the Horde defences on the Golden Road, taking their prisoner through a breach in the wall. Badly injured, and refused even the most basic medical assistance by her captors, Taiev still retained enough presence of mind to leave clues for her Sisters, who she hoped were on her trail.

  The Battle is joined
Her hopes were not in vain, as the first scouts began to catch up with her captors. Initially vastly outnumbered, Gihlrael, Rueti and Charisa of the Silvereye fought valiantly to delay the Horde, as they tried to gather enough forces to overcome the mighty Tauren who were obviously in charge.
  At the gates of Crossroads
The gates of the outpost of Crossroads in sight, the Horde pressed on, hoping to reach safety ahead of the growing number of Alliance warriors closing in behind them. Finally within sight of their objective, the Horde turned to fight, hoping to crush the pursuit. The battle was bloody, with the tide going first one way, and then the other. But the courage and outrage of the Silvereye at the kindapping of a highly placed officer of their Circle, combined with the timely help from the Alliance was enough to drive off the Horde kidnappers for just long enough to free Taiev.
However, the battle was only halfway done. Convinced that the Tauren who had lead the attack would quickly regroup and return, the recuers knew that they had little time for rejoicing. But, how could they avoid being drawn into another battle - one that they would have difficulty winning, this close to the Horde city of Crossroads. Simply retreating back along the Gold Road would not be enough... Kaldorei cunning would have to overcome Horde muscle
  Flight to Talondeep Path

Escorted by the Druid Charisa, Taiev began to long painful journey west through the Barrens toward Stonetalon peak, while the rest of the group pulled back along The Gold Road, hoping to lure the Horde's counterattack in the wrong direction.

The ploy appeared to be working, although Taiev's progress was painfully slow, and soon she and her escort had vanished into the grasslands of the Barrens, invisible to all by the most perceptive eye.

As the hours passed and the feared Horde counterattack failed to materialise, the group gathered in the shadow of Stonetalon Mountain. To return to Astranaar they would have to pass under the very nose of Venture Co, and run the risk that their pursuers might catch up with them while they fought their way through to Talondeep.

The combined magicks of the Druids of the Silvereye managed to heal enough of Taiev's injuries to allow her to make a better turn of speed, and the group of Kaldorei headed for Talondeep. The only doubt in their minds: would the Horde be waiting on the far side?

  Return to Astranaar

Elune shone upon the Alliance, and Kaldorei cunning proved itself yet again. Taiev's intimate knowledge of the back routes of Ashenvale forest, combined with the scouting skills and martial strength of her rescuers allowed them to avoid the unstoppable Horde ambush at Splintertree Post and reach Astranaar unopposed.

As they passed through the gates of Astranaar, intent on celebration, the Silverye had succeeded in defeating the Horde, the kidnapping had raised more questions: why the Horde had been so bent on capturing of Taiev, rather than merely executing her. What value could she possibly have... and more ominously... who put them up to it?