Arrina Moonblade, arch huntress of the Silvereye, concerned by the continued strong presence of the Warsong and Nighstong Orcs in Ashenvale, assembled a party of Silvereye to scout the Horde outpost of Splintertree Post in strength. Aware of the danger of encountering Horde warbands in the area, the Kaldorei warparty would move in stealth, and scout the enemy positions and not march in open host.

Arrina explains her plan, as the warparty gathers.   Moving out in silence, the kaldorei mount up - each determined to punish the orcs for despoiling the forests   Deep within the Horde outpost, a lone Silvereye watches a Forsaken - yet more proof of the unholy alliance between the Forsaken and the Orcs
Gathering outside the outpost, the Silvereye warband stand amongst the relics of a hundred battles in the bloodsoaked soil of Ashenvale.        

As battle grows day by day in the south of Ashenvale, with constant Horde agression in Warsong Gulch, the Silvereye can no longer stand idly by. Raids on Horde outposts will increase in intensity - such depredations cannot be permitted!