The Theramore Compact

Disturbed by reports of the activities of the Dark Aspect, the rise of the Firelord and the ressurgeance of Hakkar, Taiev Shadowglade took steps to gather forces to oppose these dark powers. Summoning representatives of the Clans Morogh, in the form of the Dwarf Delvar Dragonslayer and the human Navenka of the Masquerade to Theramore, Taiev hoped to overcome past differences and build a consensus in the face of new perils.

Taiev, Gilthas and Nishma await the arrival of the representatives of the Masquerade and the Clans Morogh, discussing how best to handle the situation.   At the insistence of the dwarf Delvar and the human Romeski, the meeting would be held in the only tavern in Theramore.   The arrival of Arrina and Xanthas bolstered the Silvereye numbers, but did little to assauge groundless Morogh and Masquerade fears of treachery.
The discussion was surisingly easy, barring outburst by Romeski who was sent away by Navenka of the Masquerade. Though Delvar agreed to take word of Taiev's proposal to his "Azbad" - Navenka took exception to Taiev's tone and stormed out of the meeting, followed by Arrina.   Speaking in the aftermath of the meeting, Gilthas and Taiev knew that there was still much to be done - Navenka must be convinced of the necessity of the Compact, and neither of them were sure what the reaction from the Clans Morogh would be.    

The meeting had served its purpose - it had restablished informal contact between the Silvereye and the Masquerade and the Clans Morogh. Only time would tell if the others would find the resolve to put aside stubborn pride and mistrust to stand with the Silvereye against the rising storm.