This is a mildly fictionalised version of the epic journey though Felwood to save Niviel Silvertree from her fate. You can read the rules for the event here


The Curse of the Warlock
Concerned at what they perceived to be the increasing threat posed by daemonic magick, the Silvereye gathered in the Human city of Stormwind to discuss the matter at length. To represent the Warlocks and make their case, Silvereye Mistress, Niviel Silvertree asked Taiev Shadowglade to make contact with a Warlock who would be willing to attend. This she did, and the powerful warlock Zarozinia came to the Silvereye meeting to speak her case.

Predictably, the dicussion turned to the issue of control: do the warlocks control daemons or are they in fact mere puppets to their aweful masters in the Burning Legion. While Zarozinia argued eloquently for the former, it became clear that the gathered members of the Silvereye did not believe her. And when Niviel, who had been showing increasing signs of discomfort suddenly collapsed in a deathly faint, the warlock was told to leave in no uncertain terms.

Working quickly to save Niviel from what was obviously a life-threatening condition, the druids Nishma and Rueti managed to transport her to Moonglade, hoping that the potent druidic magick of that place would strengthen her.

The Search for a Cure
In the days that followed, the Silvereye desparately sought out a cure for their mistress. Quickly it became clear that the majority favoured bringing a powerful priest of Elune to Moonglade, in the hopes that priestly faith would be powerful enough to wake Niviel from her deathly state.

Fearing that this would be enough Taiev Shadowglade began to make preparations of her own,seeking council with the Knight of the Silver Hand Nightsorrow, and travelling in secret to Dreadmist Peak in the Barrens to retrieve a powerful artefact. She kept silent about her fears as her sisters, lead by the resourceful Rueti sought out a priest willing to help Niviel.

The challenge before the Silvereye was now to bring the priest through the Felwood to Moonglade far to the north. Gathering their forces, and helped by Enigma and Anassara of the Amethyst Shard, and escorted by the Paladin Nightsorrow, they set out to brave the dangers of Felwood.

The Road turns North
As the road turned north into the twisted Felwood, the group picked up speed, knowing that the journey ahead of them would be a dangerous one - and that the corrupted denizens of the Felwood would prove a great challenge. For more than one of the Kaldorei making the journey, entering Felwood was a painful experience. Many of them could remember the glorious forests that had flanked the World Tree in ancient times, and the sight of the same woods festering and corrupted was a terrible one..

The Felwood
Before long, their fears were confirmed and massive, corrupted bears and half-mad wolves beseiged the coloumn of travellers, forcing them to fight every step of the way up through the nigh-unrecognisable woodlands.

What had begun as a swift journey turned into a battle to the death, as twisted animals circled the column, waiting for a moment´s weakness before launching another blood-crazed attack.

Soon every person in the coloumn was fighting for their lives, and it seemed that even the combined strength of the entire group would not be enough to fight off the maddenned attack.

Allies are found in the strangest of places, and even as they were about to be overrun, a great Tauren entered the fray, his courage, skill at arms and shamanic magick turning the tide of a massive assault. Fighting alongside the Kaldorei and their human ally, this paragon of Tauren virtue risked his life in to help the group through the Felwood.

Finally, at the end of the road, their journey seemed in vain. Blocking their path were the Timbermane Furbolg. This last group of uncorrupted Furblog, suspicious of outsiders, refused to stand aside and allow the group to pass, and though Taiev considered it briefly, the Druids of the Silvereye would not countenance an attack on the Timbermane Furbolg. To reach Niviel, they would have to consider far more radical measures.

The presence of a warlock at Talonbranch Glade represented such an opportunity, and regardless of her Sisters' disbelief, Taiv negotiated with the Warlock to Summon her and the preistess Anassara to Moonglade, to bring aid to the now desparately weak Niviel.

Steeling herself for the ordeal of the Summoning, Taiev was transported to Moonglade, hoping against hope that the Priestess would be able to save Niviel, and that she would not have to turn to darker alternatives.

Desparate Measures
But the Priestess magcik was not enough, though Anassara drew upon every shred of her strength, her power was insufficient to aid Niviel.

Rising in confusion at the Priestess' apparent failure, Taiev was devastated, and afraid that the only way to bring Niviel back was to make a terrible sacrifice. Turning to the Paladin Nightsorrow, one of the few humans she truly trusted, she posed him a question - hoping that his faith could guide her through her dilemma. She had a cure that would almost certainly save Niviel, but using it might cost her soul. Should she make the sacrifice?

In her studies of the Arcane, Taiev had uncovered a possible cure - one that combined ancient Q'uel Dorei arcana with the raw power provided by daemonic magick. Raiding Dreadmist Peak she had uncovered specific daemonic spells that could be used to channel massive energy through a living soul into a person on the brink of death. Fearing what this might mean for whomever cast the spell, and yet knowing that it might be the only way of saving her friend.

But even as Nightsorrow counselled her against endangering her soul, Niviel let out a last death shriek and slipped into the darkness... Taiev could wait no longer, and pushing her way through the Kaldorei kneeling around Niviel´s deathbed, she pulled the results of her forbidden studies from her pack: the Light of Elune, infused with a tincture of crushed Infernal Stone and empowered by a soulstone obtained by deceit from the Warlock Zarozinia. As the shocked onlookers tried to stop her, she poured the blasphemous liquid between Niviel´s cold lips, even as Anassara unleashed the most powerful healing spell in her repertoire.

And against all the odds, it worked. Niviel opened her eyes and rose from her bed, even as a terrible cold fell upon Taiev.

Leading the Silvereye across Moonglade to the Shrine of Remulos, Niviel began to explain what had happened, and more importantly, why.

Feeling a growing disquiet in her soul, Niviel had sought out a powerful warlock, knowing that this would provoke a powerful reaction in her - akin to an allergic reaction. She realised that this reaction might very well be powerful enough to kill her, she was determined to carry her idea through, firmly believeing that if she survived she would be strengthened and better able to resist the influence of Warlock magic in the future.

What Niviel had not counted on, was the lengths to which Taiev would be willing to go to save her - in the end, Taiev´s feelings were so strong that she was willing to risk her own soul to save Niviel.

As this realisation dawned on the assembled Kaldorei, the Priestess Anassara enraged by the fact that Taiev had used forbidden Q'uel Dorei arcana, swore vengeance against her, and stormed off. As she withdrew, the truth of what she had said dawned on Taiev´s compatriots in the Silvereye.

She might have saved Niviel's life, but she had broken one of the greatest Kaldorei taboos to do so. The decision of what to do with her now lay in their hands...

Perhaps in the end, this was the true Curse of the Warlock...