The Lists

The quiet air of Eastvale is usually only disturbed by the sound of sawmills - but during the Tournament it will resound to the thunder of the Lists! One on one battles for glory and the honour of being proclaimed Champion of the Tournament!

Sponsered Lists
From Sinclaire "mutton-chops-for-dinner" Smith, to the infamous baby-eating bishop of bael modan, the rumours of great prizes has lured out a motley assembly of prizefighters never before seen in Azeroth!

This duelling event is aimed at level 10 characters only. Characters entered into this competition should be ”sponsored” ahead of time on the forums, here.

Open Lists
Open to all , this is the chance to match your skill against the fabled heroes of Azeroth. Show off your skill and the magnificent prizes you have claimed in your epic adventures!

These fights are “showcase” fights, where great champions and heroes show off their skill for the crowds. Open to all characters, but organisers should try to match fighters with similar equipment and experience levels. Please sign up here.