Here you can read about the events and storylines arranged and run by the Silvereye. Our focus is on delivering enjoyable events and RP content for our members - ensuring that there is always something fun to do.

I. Prisoner of the Horde
Taiev Shadowglade was captured by the Horde, and taken to Crossroads to be interrogated. The Silvereye set out to rescue her.
II. Curse of the Warlock
Mistress Niviel Silvertree lies on the brink of death, as her Sisters race to save her. Two different approaches... one traditional, the other far more radical. Which of them will save Niviel Silvertree?
III. The Feast of Elune
Although usually a joyous affair, when the Silvereye celebrated the Feast of Elune in Teldrassil, they had a weighty matter to discuss: how to deal with Taiev Shadowglade, whose controversial acts in Moonglade had saved Niviel Silvertree from the Curse of the Warlock...
IV. The Plague of Dun Morogh
Called to aid Clan Dun Morogh, the Silvereye undertook a dangerous mission to rescue Haldin Oathbearer, and cure him of the same plague that had almost claimed the lives of Erynia Starshard of Arydia Mistmantle.
V. Hostage
Offering to negotiate an exchange of hostages between the Onyx Ascendancy and the Clans Dun Morogh, the Silvereye found itself standing between a mighty force of Hordish warriors, and the stubborn intransigence of the Dwarves.
VI. Felwood
The glaring blight of Felwood is ever in the mind of the Silvereye as both a reminder of the horrors of the Third War, but also a place where they must constantly battle the spreading corruption.
VII. Gambit
Stalked by the dark Shaevar, Acrona sought sanctuary with the Silvereye - however, Shaevar proved more difficult to deal with than first imagined. Finally, the Silvereye lured him into a trap in Steamwheedle port - to play one enemy off against another.
VIII. Raid on Splintertree
As the drums of war thunder in Warsong Gulch, and Horde warbands move at will through Ashenvale, Arrina Moonblade gathers a warparty to raid Splintertree Post.
IX. The Darkness Begins
The lich Ras Frostwhisper moves against the mortal races, creating
a new plague to strike down his greastest enemies... but before the Silvereye can defeat him, Erynia Starshard must face her own Darkness Within.
X. The Festival of Lughnasad
The festival of joy, of discovery and of life, the Silvereye celebrated Lughnasad in Darnassus
XI. The Theramore Compact
Disturbed by reports of the activities of the Dark Aspect, the rise of the Firelord and the ressurgeance of Hakkar, Taiev Shadowglade took steps to gather forces to oppose these dark powers. This new alliance would be known as the Theramore Compact.
XII. The Pilgrimage to Aessina
In praise of the Goddes, the Silvereye journeyed with a group of Pilgrims to the Shrine of Aessina in Ashenvale.
XIII. The Essence of War - Chapter I
War comes to the distant backwater of Stonetalon Mountain, as the Horde and the Alliance encounter once another on the field of battle, in something destined to be a prelude to a larger war.
XIV. The Grand Ball
Organised in the Human Capital of Stormwind, the Grand Ball was a social event unseen in Azeroth for many a year - a reminder that war is not the natural state of things.
XV. The Essence of War - Chapter II
As a representative of the Royal Apothecarion Society travels to Mirkfallon Lake to conduct mysterious research there, the Horde gathers warriors to defend him from the perfidious Alliance. But all is not as it seems...
XVI. The Essence of War - Chapter III
Armed with notes stolen from the Horde scholar, the Alliance takes the intiative in the Essence of War!
XVII. Shandalzare [Writeup coming soon]
The enigmatic creature Shandalzare continues its manipulation and taunting of Arydia Mistmantle - its goals are unknown, but the Silvereye fears the worst.
XVIII. Krakash
Much needed after the long, dark months of winter, the cleansing festival of Krakash allows the Kaldorei to reflect and lay aside the past in the hopes of a purer future.
IXX. The Eastvale Tourney
Sparked by curiosity about human celebrations, funded by a mysterious (and wet) benefactor and with a deadly serious alterior motive, the Silverey arranges the Eastvale Tourney!
XX. The Terror behind the Gates [writeup coming soon]
The Gates have opened. Heroism beyond measure, or draconic folly? Only time will tell...
XXII. Against Old Gods
In the Void that is Silithus, a terrible foe just got worse
XXII. Dragonslave
A desperate call for help from the depths of the Emerald Dream and the Silvereye respond...
XXIII. Jurin'Atore [Event upcoming]
The Great Hunt! A chase across Azeroth to challenge both the mind and the body!
XXIV. The Essence of War - Chapter IV [event upcoming]
Travelling to the fetid jungles of Stranglethorn Vale to pursue ominous rumours of Lost Empires, the Alliance and the Horde are bound to clash again.